The University of California Police Dept. has new DNA evidence that may yield a second suspect in the case of a stabbing of a 13-foot Burmese python.

UCPD would not disclose what kind of DNA evidence was found because the investigation is ongoing, but UCPD detective Bill van Nieuwenhuize said they do have a suspect in mind. Isla Vista resident Jeffery Sean Kinsey, 21, was the first suspect named by UCPD in the case, but he has repeatedly denied any involvement in the stabbing of the python.

“We have some more evidence that we have sent to the [Santa Barbara County] Sheriff’s labs and we’re also awaiting fingerprint analysis,” van Nieuwenhuize said. “We’re confident this should lead us to our second suspect.”

Van Nieuwenhuize said results from the DNA would not be available for some time because of the nature of the crime, and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s forensics laboratories only work on other agencies’ cases when their schedule allows.

“The case is ready to go forward, we’re just waiting for the DNA evidence to come back from the Sheriff’s Dept.,” van Nieuwenhuize said.

UCPD also met yesterday with the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s office where evidence from the crime scene was presented to the D.A., but no charges have been filed against Kinsey.