Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m writing to address the Wednesday Hump column your paper so shamelessly prints.

I attend Westmont. After enjoying the first three weeks of my summer, I have realized – and maybe UCSB kids realize it too – there can be two versions of college students. One version comes out at school, on weekends, in the classroom, in the dorms and in columns like the Hump. The other “us” parades around at home with hopefully more consideration. I surmise Van Dyke would not subject her parents to this rubbish, but maybe I’m wrong. Now, for some – including Van Dyke – this realization comes with regret, but it should. If we act at school contrary to what our upbringing engenders, then what is the point of being at school? To waste our parents’ money by publishing garbage that no self-respecting journalist would ever show a future employer, alumnus or parent? I think not. And I think you think not.

I’ve read the Daily Nexus a lot this year, and I know the brighter spots eclipse Van Dyke’s foolery, but you can do better than this. You all deserve to read something more uplifting, more academic and more worthy of all the money and time you’re spending to better educate yourselves.