If you look up the definition of the word “desperate” in the dictionary, it goes something like this: reckless or violent because of despair; driven to take any risk. However, I would like to offer another definition for the word that can be summed up in one name: al-Qaeda.

Sure, they’re still intact and operational. But their level of desperation is evident based on recent attacks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Casablanca, Morocco. These attacks have all the markings of a doomed movement that has lost support for its methods from the same people they claim to stand up for.

It is no secret that in many Muslim nations there is widespread anti-American sentiment. You can blame it on past or present U.S. Middle East policies or whatever, but it doesn’t change the fact that Americans are not seen favorably within Muslim countries.

But there is also a growing sentiment toward the al-Qaeda ilk based on their methods and the fact that they perpetuate tensions between the Middle East and the West.

What has really driven the recent change in opinion toward the al-Qaeda cowards is that they have decided to take their brand of terrorism to their own region. The attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco have proven to be cowardly acts of desperation by an organization that has clearly been defeated in its efforts to create an atmosphere of terror in the United States.

The recent acts of destruction and their region of occurrence have once again proven that al-Qaeda’s intentions are to prevent any sort of modernization in Middle East nations that want to better themselves by becoming part of the international community.

The fact that they’re attacking their own proves that they are indeed losing support within their own and desperation is setting in on their movement.

Now comes the hard part: sorting out the pieces to the puzzle in order to thwart any future attempts by these lower-than-life individuals. It will take cooperation between the Saudi government and their American counterparts if the investigation is to prove successful.

But then again, maybe it would be best to let the Saudi government conduct the investigation by itself. As it currently stands – according to Amnesty International – Saudi Arabia doesn’t possess a healthy human rights record. Extracting information by less than conventional means is a way of life in many countries within that region, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. This could prove to be a benefit in the capture of any terrorist elements within that country. In other words, the Saudis have ways of making people talk. Let the Saudi government do their medieval magic with the terrorists.

To hell with the thought of human rights for the terrorist scum. They negated their contract with human society the moment they took on the banner of terrorism and committed their vile acts. Their cause is a losing one and needs to be confronted by sheer force. It is the only language these vermin understand.

Sure, it can be said that the U.S. is playing bully with a few individuals trying to preserve their culture, but so what? The moment anyone decides to carry out terrorist activities, they should be met with the severest of punishment. Regardless of their cause. Regardless of their views. Regardless of their ethnicity. Terrorism and its excuses have no room in a civilized society, and everything should be done to put an end to it.

Just as the Saudis extended their condolences to us after 9/11, our condolences should go out to them for the recent attacks on their soil. We should also extend our condolences to Morocco for suffering the same type of terror. Along with condolences, our support in reigning in the terrorist scum anywhere in this world is crucial to these nations and should be offered if anything positive is to come in light of these recent attacks. This could be the start of the end for bin Laden, al-Qaeda and any of its supporters. For this, we can only hope.

Henry Sarria is a longtime Isla Vista resident.