Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing you to express my excitement about the event coming up called Safe Grad. I am an intern on campus for Student Health called S.T.A.R., which stands for Students Teaching Alcohol and other drug Responsibility. Out motto is to promote moderate and responsible use for those who choose to use and support those who choose not to use.

We do so by providing information and resources to our peers through presentations, tabling and awareness activities. One of our awareness activities is Safe Grad, which is held May 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside the UCSB Bookstore and in vendor row. The purpose of this event is to inform students of the severity and consequences of driving under the influence and of the resources for assistance in alcohol and other drug problems. We want to reduce the incidence of DUI among UCSB students and also encourage students to make behavioral changes on their own. We hope to reach all students, not just the seniors that are graduating, because drinking and driving affects every one of us on campus.

We will be taking signatures of people who choose to pledge to not drink and drive or get into the car with someone who has been drinking. For these pledges there will be a raffle, which consists of many cool prizes including gift certificates to food places and event sporting equipment. There will be many activities going on throughout the day including a band from noon to 1 p.m., root beer kegs, and even a remote control racecar track with fatal vision eye goggles. For those who choose to just reflect there will be an area where people can write down the names of people who they knew or know that have been affected by drinking and driving or a drunk driver.

This event is important to me because I have many friends that have been in trouble with alcohol problems and even driving under the influence. I feel that it is very important to send this message across the campus about how important it is to party safely and responsibly, especially during this time of excitement around graduation/summer. I encourage everyone to come join us for the event Safe Grad on May 29. Plan to have fun, but also come and give us your pledges.