Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing this letter in response to the music article about Extravaganza that appeared in Thursday’s paper, (Daily Nexus, “Less Than Extravagant,” May 15, 2003). Ms. Jardine and Mr. Mackie do a great injustice to Nerf Herder in their article when they say, “Nerf Herder made its dent in pop culture history by playing the theme from the ‘Buffy’ TV series. And then everybody stopped caring.”

This is far from the truth. Nerf Herder is one of the best and most successful punk bands to come out of Santa Barbara, up with the Ataris, Sugarcult and Lagwagon. Their records have sold hundreds of thousands of copies here in the United States and in Europe. They just returned from an East Coast tour and they’re leaving in June to tour Europe. They are a great band that deserves a lot of respect for what they’ve done.

Another couple of great bands playing at Extravaganza are the History Of and Falsehood. All three of these bands put on a great show, and if you’ve never seen them, you should go check them out.