The head planner for a firm hired by the university to design UCSB’s future development has returned to campus to gather more input from the campus.

Ray Gindroz, principle planner for Urban Design Associates, will meet with students, faculty and staff today to gather opinions on improving the look of the campus in the next 20 years. He arrived on campus last night and met with UCSB’s top administrators to present his initial ideas for the campus plan, which will be presented again tomorrow at sessions for staff, Academic Senate and students.

“We’re hitting all the major groups with one quick visit,” UCSB Planner Dennis Whelan said.

Gindroz and campus planners will meet with Housing and Residential Services and Physical Facilities this morning and the Academic Senate at noon. An open student meeting will be held today from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room at 35123 Cheadle Hall. At the student meeting, Gindroz will present his initial ideas to students and ask for their comments.

“We’re trying to generate a shared vision that is strong enough that we can collectively believe in it, because without that cohesion it makes it hard to have a strong plan,” Whelan said. “With the participation of the students, staff and faculty we can actually come together with a vision to implement both our capital projects and solicit donor projects.”

The Graduate Student Association, Associated Students and several other campus groups have already been invited. Whelan said individual students are encouraged to attend, but he requested that students planning to drop by call his office so enough seats could be provided. Whelan’s office number is 893-7009.

Gindroz is supposed to continue refining his ideas for a campus plan, which may include a redesign of Storke Plaza, the Pardall Corridor and a bike path connecting Broida Hall to the rest of campus, over the next month. He is expected to complete the campus plan in June.

– Stephanie Tavares