Editor, Daily Nexus,

After spending some time reading, I found it necessary to point out a recent encounter of mine with a certain publication that is frequented by many of our UCSB students. The June 2003 edition of Playboy magazine did an article on sexual research over the years, and our proud school managed to find a spot in the publication.

This opinion seems very fitting, as we here at UCSB have just had a recent election and face a tuition increase of $135. I am a regular reader of the Nexus and have read the opinions of many people concerning the multiple fee increases the school and state have been trying to enact. I am from out of state, so I already pay quite a healthy amount of money to attend UCSB annually. I have not been in favor of the recent fee increases on the ballot, although I am in favor of certain campus-related issues that I feel deserve the extra funding.

The article published in Playboy refers to a group of four professors from UCSB. Thirty-three individuals were used to conduct a study concerning whether or not a male would prefer a nude or semi-nude woman dancing 4 feet away from him, 6 inches away without contact, or 6 inches away with brief contact. I may not be a psychology or sociology major, but I could tell you that the majority of guys out there would prefer the latter of the three.

I am proud to attend our university and am not trying to talk it down a bit, but the fact that I pay a large sum of money for four professors and their buddies to go to strip clubs and call it research is extremely entertaining. I can say that before attending UCSB I knew it was considered a research school, but I never looked into the kind of research that was done here. All I can really say is that I want to work extra hard to get a Ph.D. so I can become a member of the faculty here at UCSB and do plenty of research of my own.

The article in its entirety is quite interesting, and I would suggest trying to get a copy. It covers many interesting topics such as porcupine sex, the effects of Coca-Cola as a contraceptive, and the famous link between shoe size and the size of one’s member.