Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was rather shocked and dismayed by your recent “endorsements” issue. Not so much at the stands you took but because of the sloppy research you did in doing so. I work for the Office of Student Life, and starting back in January, staff from our office contacted you to discuss our Student Life Program Fee so that you would have thorough and complete information about what the fee was for and why we’re asking students to support it.

From that first contact in January to Monday, the day before your endorsements were published, we contacted you no less than 10 times to give you information about our fee. And you REFUSED to meet with us NO LESS THAN 10 TIMES! You wouldn’t even accept a packet of information to read through. What kind of journalism is that!?! And why would you feel the need to so actively pursue ignorance?

I do not have a problem with any stand you take on our, or any other, initiative. I believe everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I do have a serious problem with those assessments being based on a lack of information, especially by the media that is charged with fair and accurate reporting. And opinion pieces should be based on facts and knowledge.

It is clear in reading your endorsement that you have no clue what our fee is about because it is full of gross inaccuracies. You have failed in your duties to provide your readers with information based on the facts. And that is a shame. The good news is that I think your readers are smarter than that. They will take the time to visit our website or our table at the Arbor to get information. They will realize that we are trying to save some very important programs from disappearing next year. And then they will decide for themselves and vote accordingly. I am just sorry that you don’t have the same faith in our students and felt the need to misuse your power and manipulate them.

You stated in your endorsement that leadership couldn’t be taught – I disagree. I think you could stand to learn a thing or two.