A UCSB student is facing charges of unlawful entry, felony vandalism and felony drunk driving in an April 6 incident that included the smashing of a computer screen with a pair of hedge clippers and a brief police pursuit.

According to police reports, William Prislin entered an apartment on the 6500 block of El Colegio Road in search of Owen Beere, 19, who was out of town at the time. Beere’s roommate, Byron Wolter, 18, told police that Prislin was obviously intoxicated and was upset and said Beere had taken some property belonging to a friend of Prislin’s.

Patrick Mahony, 19, and Colin Carlson, 18, also share the apartment and witnessed Prislin punch Beere’s computer monitor. When Wolter told Prislin to leave, Prislin picked Wolter’s cell phone off his desk and threw it out the second floor window. The phone shattered when it landed on the concrete sidewalk.

Wolter told police that when he grabbed Prislin to restrain him, Prislin threw several punches and that Wolter defended himself by counter-punching during the brief physical altercation, and landed two or three blows on Prislin’s head.

Prislin left the apartment and Wolter called the police.

While a sheriff’s deputy was speaking to Wolter at the apartment complex, police say that Mahony and Carlson witnessed Prislin return to the apartment, enter through the unlocked front door and start swinging a pair of hedge clippers wildly about the room. He struck several objects and destroyed Beere’s computer monitor.

Carlson came running to the officer on scene and reported that Prislin had “just trashed the computer” and left the complex driving a white two-door Acura. The officer spotted a car matching the description at the corner of Embarcadero del Norte and Cervantes Road and gave chase in his patrol car southbound on Embarcadero del Norte.

Police say Prislin was stopped on the 900 block of Embarcadero del Mar and was observed to have blood on the bridge of his nose and an abrasion on the side of his face. The officer also detected the smell of alcohol from the interior of the vehicle.

Prislin told the officer he suffered the injuries during a fight with Wolter and admitted to drinking three beers during the evening. When questioned about events at Wolter’s apartment, Prislin also admitted to smashing the monitor.

A field sobriety test indicated that Prislin’s blood alcohol level was 0.187, more than twice the legal limit to drive a car.

Officers removed a pair of 26-inch hedge clippers from Prislin’s trunk, which were identified by Mahony and Carlson as the object used in the destruction of Beere’s computer screen.

Police brought Prislin to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol station where they asked him for his side of the story, but say he declined to speak.

Beere told police by phone that his computer monitor was worth about $500 and Wolter’s cell phone was worth about $100. Wolter refused to comment on the incident. Mahony, Carlson and Beere could not be reached for comment as of press time.