Editor, Daily Nexus,

I have often read comments by pro-war demonstrators that anti-war advocates and demonstrations are demoralizing to our country and our soldiers. The implication by some pro-war speakers that anti-war demonstrators are anti-troops is groundless and hurtful.

I have frequently heard the phrase “support our troops” as justification for a pro-war stance and as implied criticism towards the peace movement. However, supporting our troops is a hallmark of the anti-war movement. I have yet to meet an anti-war advocate who feels the death of American troops is an appropriate “punishment” for American involvement in Iraq. Rather, I have met many anti-war individuals, including family members of active-duty soldiers, who pray daily that our soldiers return home healthy, happy and safe.

Disapproval of the government’s military action rarely extends to resentment toward our enlisted men and women. Whether pro- or anti-war, we all want our troops to return home to their families without physical, emotional or psychological trauma. I feel confident in saying the only notable difference between these two ideologies in regard to military personnel is that pro-war advocates want our soldiers to fight a successful, justified war, while anti-war advocates want them to fight a successful, though unjustified, war.

When it comes to our brave soldiers, there is very little difference between us, which is why I say: Support our troops; bring them home.