Associated Students Legislative Council modified its stance on the war in Iraq Wednesday night by passing a new position paper supporting the soldiers fighting that war.

On-Campus Representative James Young authored the U.S. soldier resolution, which states that Leg Council “wholeheartedly supports and appreciates the brave men and women serving in the United States military.”

Some Leg Council members had issue with the language used in the resolution. Representative-at-Large Anita Galvan tried to amend the resolution to remove the word “wholeheartedly” and include a statement of opposition to the war itself. The council voted in January to officially oppose the war.

“I do know a lot of people fighting … [and] I support the people making a sacrifice,” Galvan said; however, she said she felt it necessary to reiterate Leg Council’s stance on the war itself.

Other Leg Council members felt very differently, including Off-Campus Representative Anthony Flores. In a direct response to Galvan’s amendment, he said that Leg Council’s position is already on record and that it should not be the focus of this bill. He then proposed the inclusion of the statement “regardless of our respective positions” in an attempt to make the resolution more politically palatable.

The proposed change met opposition from those in support of Galvan’s amendment.

“We do not support the policy, we support the troops,” Representative-at-Large Fernando Ramirez said. “[This] should be made clear.”

Flores’ amendment passed.

Ramirez then requested the addition of a clause to the resolution supporting “innocent Iraqi civilians.” This too met opposition.

“It politicizes this amendment, implying a position against the war,” Off-Campus Representative Eva von Thury said.

The resolution passed fifteen to zero, with three members abstaining.

In other news, a bill trying to create more accountability for Leg Council members’ absences from committee meetings failed. The bill’s defeat ends a monthlong campaign by Off-Campus Representative Eva von Thury and University-Owned Housing Representative Alex Gossage to remove Leg Council members who fail to attend Leg Council and committee meetings.

After brief debate, the bill failed get the two-thirds majority vote it needed to pass.