Associated Students Legislative Council continued its trend of focusing on the green at Wednesday’s meeting with extended discussion about new lock-in fees and a tree.

The tree in question is the ficus on the corner of Pardall Road and Embarcadero del Norte in Isla Vista. County officials are proposing removal of the tree due to structural and safety concerns, while some students and I.V. residents are asking for alternative solutions.

Leg Council was divided.

“I would like to point out that ficus trees are notorious for creating safety hazards,” Off-campus Representative Alexis Krieg said.

Krieg said that in general she likes the tree, but she opposed Leg Council support of the movement to save it.

Off-campus Representative Scott Talkov also acknowledged these concerns.

“We are trying to get the government to find alternatives here,” Talkov said.

The resolution in support of saving the ficus tree passed, barely satisfying the two-thirds majority required.

Leg Council also discussed four external lock-in measures for students to vote on, seeing that Spring 2003 elections are fast approaching. Any successful measures will not come into effect until the 2003-04 school year.

A.S. Program Board, provider of the annual free concert Extravaganza and free movie screenings such as the recent showing of “Old School,” is requesting a $1.00 per student per quarter lock-in fee increase in the spring. The new lock-in fee total would be $4.50.

Community Affairs Board is also asking for a fee increase. It proposes a 60 cent increase, to a total of $1.75 per student per quarter, to help it recover from A.S. recharge fees.

Women’s Commission is asking UCSB students for a new 40 cent per student per quarter lock-in fee. Half of the money acquired from this lock-in fee would help fund Take Back the Night, a week dedicated to discussions and activities opposed to sexual violence. Women’s Commission also contributes to other student programs such as the UC-wide Women of Color Conference.

Student Lobby said it hopes students won’t mind paying 9 cents a quarter to help support Lobby Day, the Anti-War Campaign, the No On Rising Student Fees campaign and future events.