Editor, Daily Nexus,

If we cared about the Iraqi people we would abandon the Pentagon’s plan to send 300 huge missiles a day to Baghdad. This plan is designed to terrorize the people through mass destruction.

The way to help the Iraqi people is to continue the inspections while dropping the sanctions. As business picks up and tourism and trade increase, the people would gradually become healthier, stronger and in a better position to replace Saddam Hussein.

But actions speak louder than words. The fact is that the Bush administration does not care about the Iraqi people, or about removing Saddam Hussein, or about eliminating weapons of mass destruction.

What they do care about is having a war and establishing a base from which to dominate the Middle East, its oil and other resources. The horrific attack of 9/11 provided them with the opportunity to militarize and galvanize our nation into the realization of this right-wing dream of domination.

If the American people approved of this plan and were willing to pay for it with their blood and money, that would be a different situation. As it is, they are being tricked into supporting a war for the benefit of a few at great cost to the nation.