Associated Students Legislative Council held a bluff meeting Wednesday night.

A position paper about repairs to the West Campus bluff path was the focus of yesterday’s Leg Council meeting, although A.S. budget issues related to spring elections were also addressed.

Off-campus Representative Sarah Hooper authored a resolution calling for the university to renovate the path, which she said has become a safety hazard.

“The path along the bluff from Isla Vista west to Coal Oil Point on the UCSB West Campus is seriously degraded and in need of maintenance repairs,” the resolution states.

The path is used by students and Isla Vista residents and provides access to the Ellwood area and Coal Oil Point, a popular spot for surfing.

Maggie Stack, student sponsor of the resolution and co-chair of Shoreline Preservation Fund, said the resolution’s aim is to encourage maintenance, not the creation of a new path or extension of the existing path. Either of those actions would require approval from the California Coastal Commission.

The resolution passed unanimously.

In other news, the Leg Council also listened to reports from A.S. President Chrystine Lawson and Student Government Advisor Sharon Woodlief concerning A.S. budget issues.

Woodlief said A.S. administrators are working on future budget scenarios to address A.S.’s dire financial situation, and Lawson reminded Leg Council that elections are coming up and said some student groups were looking to external lock-in fees for funding. These fees would not be subject to A.S. recharge fees and might further reduce its budget by decreasing its income from recharges next year.