In the late’70s, punk rock music and fashion had successfully ripped like a tornado through London and New York, finally erupting on the West Coast. This book is a collection of photographs by Jim Jocoy, a teenager living in the Bay Area at the time, who became deeply enraptured by the burgeoning California punk rock scene. From 1978 to 1980, Jocoy toted his 35mm to countless shows in San Francisco and L.A., where he snapped pictures of young art school kids, aging scenesters and those who would alter music and fashion forever.

Top Five Reasons To Get Your Paws On This Book

1. Designer Marc Jacobs gets dazzlingly nostalgic, Exene Cervenka of X gets poetic and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth holds Q-and-A with the photographer himself. Moore even gets Jocoy to dish on how he managed to spend next to nothing on his photos by working out an under-the-table deal with the copy shop he worked for. Now that’s punk rock.

2. You think you’re creative for BeDazzling your favorite shirt? Think again, sucka. Check out the purple and white silk slip paired with fishnets, cowboy boots, a sweatband and studded belt that one demure fan sports. Ahem.

3. How many people do you know with up close and personal Polaroids of Iggy Pop writhing on the mic and Sid Vicious double-fisting it with tallboys. Yeah, we thought so.

4. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another photo of cult film director/demigod John Waters posing, cigarette in hand, next to a toilet that had to have been from “Trainspotting,” complete with long hair and eyeliner.

5. Finally, everyone needs a nice slap-in-the-face reminder that the Strokes were actually not the first group to make skinny pants, Converse and drunken stage debauchery cool. No, really.