Students who spend all their time watching the boob tube and listening to the stereo finally got a chance to do something with all that useless knowledge.

Over 330 fans of Comedy Central’s “Beat the Geeks” game show came to Campbell Hall on Tuesday night to see “The Geeks Live.” The show pits contestants, chosen at random from the audience, against the Geeks on pop culture trivia in the areas of music, TV and movies. The comedic performance gave audience members a chance to become contestants and win prizes including $500, DVDs and T-shirts.

TV Geek Paul Goebel said the live show differs slightly from the TV version. The televised show had to be trimmed down due to network restrictions on what the Geeks could perform. Goebel said the live format allows the geeks more freedom to charm the audience.

“The live show is more about entertaining the crowd and less about getting the questions right. Getting the audience to laugh is our main goal,” he said.

A majority of the people in the audience wanted to come on stage and play for the grand prize of $500 but only 12 were selected. Six of the 12 made it past the first round, then paired into three teams in a face-off with the Geeks.

Contestants Feldo Nartapura and Gus Gauntlett advanced to the final round to compete for the $500 grand prize but could not beat Movie Geek Marc Edward Heuck.

“I thought I was going to win,” Nartapura said.

One of the departing contestants, Mary Baldwin, was held behind to act as the game’s co-host.

“It was fun.” Baldwin said, “They were making fun of the contestants, how much they wish they were drunk, how much Comedy Central sucks.”

Many of the jokes revolved around animosity the Geeks have against Comedy Central, which took the show off its fall lineup.

“It’s all in good fun,” host Blaine Capatch said. “The show looks cheap so we play it up.”

Fans of the show had various reasons for attending.

“[It’s] better than studying,” Ryan McCauleysaid.

Others came to see the Geeks themselves.

“The Geeks are not attractive, but they put them on the show and that makes them attractive. They’re cute,” Lulwa Bordcosh said.

During the show, Bordcosh challenged Goebel for a chance to become a contestant.

“I’m going to personally tank this because you are so hot.” Goebel responded.

Yelling from the audience added to the performance’s improvised style. Many of the outbursts related to Baldwin’s kissing of the contestants.

“Hey TV is TV. This is the theater,” Music Geek Andy Zax said. “It’s the garage band version of the show.”