Remember the song “Babylon?” Then you probably recall just how much the radio played and poached that song like there was no tomorrow. I happened to be one of people who loved the song, hence I went out and bought the CD, later realizing the sheer greatness of David Gray as well as the White Ladder album.

In Gray’s new album, A New Day at Midnight, I couldn’t help but think of it as a continuation of White Ladder. As a singer/songwriter, Gray’s rich, folksy voice blends potently with melodic guitar riffs, piano chords and an interesting play of rhythmic beats, making for a smorgasbord of original and quality sounds. Gray also threads a country guitar twang into his songs that works quite nicely.

A theme of loss is clearly established with songs like “Freedom” and “Dead in the Water.” At track seven, though, the album seemed to reach its deeper roots. The eerie song “December” shows Gray offering testament to his most personal emotions. Weaving in and out of the songs like a distant dream, Gray departs from earlier work into a voyage of reflection.

The poignant “The Other Side” ends the album and only made me want more. This album not only grows on you, but is calmly refreshing. Relaying through layers of raw sounds and trip-out sessions, Gray delivers a genuinely heartfelt and somber album.

[Lara Bradshaw wishes she was domesticated enough to weave twang.]