Constituents of the 35th Assembly district, extending from Ventura to Santa Barbara, have a good representative in State Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson. She has devoted the past four years in office to championing central coast environmental issues and rights for women, children and victims of domestic violence, as well as restructuring public education in California.

Over the past four years, Jackson has chaired numerous environmental committees, including the Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials Committee and the Select Committee on Coastal Protection. She has worked to improve air and water quality, one of her most recent projects being the allocation of funding to clean up runoff water in Santa Barbara County.

Jackson’s work and accomplishments concerning women’s and children’s rights and domestic violence issues remain unparalleled. She helped formulate Santa Barbara’s Shelter Services for Women and has offered free legal counsel for rape survivors at the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. She also created a government stipend to help sexual assault and domestic violence victims escape their unsafe households and attackers.

As for education, Jackson has made sure that high school students have access to funding and grants for college. She is also currently working on redesigning the California Master Plan for Higher Education to develop a seamless, unified system.

If re-elected , Jackson will continue to fight for a woman’s right to choose and make sure that our local environment stays healthy and clean. She also has her sights set on protecting our right to privacy in the coming years.

Hannah-Beth Jackson has a solid record that defines her integrity, strength and concern for her constituents. Re-electing Jackson as state assemblywoman would mean two more years of exemplary work.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorsesHannah-Beth Jackson for the California State Assembly.