Education is the most important thing students can invest their money in.

This bond act generates $13.05 billion for school renovations and the creation of new classrooms from kindergarten up through the university level. The expansion and repairs will help accommodate the state’s expanding student enrollment.

Children don’t have enough textbooks to go around. Some are crammed into small, overcrowded rooms without heat or air conditioning for hours on end. University students themselves feel the pinch. Lectures overflow into the aisles; the lines for add-codes sometimes extend out the door. Larger class sizes means less individual attention for students and more teachers taking on the role of babysitter instead of educator.

Proposition 47 will help to ease the pressure on the already strained public education system here in California, and students on all levels will feel the release. If you vote for only one of the bond measures on the ballot this year, Proposition 47 should be the one.

Think of the children.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses Proposition 47.