Editor, Daily Nexus,

As a California Coastal Commissioner, I know firsthand how hard it is to fight oil companies, mega-buck developers and others who see environmental protection as an obstacle, rather than a legacy to be passed on to the next generation.

In our county, these same kinds of special interests have bankrolled a recall to try to remove one of our strongest environmental defenders: Supervisor Gail Marshall.

Don’t believe their hype when they say the recall is about you having a chance to express your opinion. The recall crowd first tried to hold it when you weren’t going to be around and are now hoping you don’t turn out to vote on Nov. 5.

If the recall gang had their way, voting would have been held in the summer when most UCSB students were out of town. Failing to exclude college students, they then wanted an expensive special election – estimated to cost taxpayers about $250,000 – held several weeks before the regular one. I’d rather have that money spent on Isla Vista sidewalks and streetlights, wouldn’t you? Supervisor Marshall has fought to bring these benefits to your neighborhoods.

So, ask yourselves, who stands to gain from this recall? The winners will be special interests, oil companies, developers and those who see environmental protection as a nuisance. The losers will be just about everyone else.

Show the recall people that your vote counts. On Nov. 5, vote no on recall and take your friends to the polls. Don’t let them get away with it.