The Isla Vista Foot Patrol and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. released information Thursday regarding the alleged sexual assault that occurred on Oct. 5.

IVFP Lt. Tom McKinny said two female UCSB students were partying on Del Playa Drive. Four male subjects driving down the street in a car approached the two women. The women voluntarily agreed to go to a party on the 6600 block of DP with the four men. Shortly after midnight, the two women were separated from each other at the party.

“Later, the one young lady was [allegedly] sexually assaulted by two of the subjects in the bathroom of the residence,” Lt. McKinny said. “When the young lady reported the incident, the detective bureau was immediately called.”

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Sgt. Phil Willis said the incident was reported to their office shortly after it happened.

“Our main concern right now is to find these guys and bring them in,” Sgt. Willis said.

In efforts to do exactly that, a forensics unit was also brought to the crime scene to do further investigation the morning after the incident occurred, Lt. McKinny said.

“Currently, detectives are attempting to identify the subjects and I don’t know exactly how long that is going to take,” he said.

Sgt. Willis said processing the forensic evidence is a timely operation. He also said, this incident aside, since the start of the academic year reported sexual assaults have not been as prevalent as in past years.

“In general, it’s been slower this year,” he said.

Sgt. Willis said he does not know if alcohol played a role in this particular sexual assault, however he warns students to drink responsibly.

“Alcohol in general plays a large role in a lot of sexual assaults and assaults in the Isla Vista area,” he said. “It’s important to be extra careful when you’re drinking in I.V. and for girls especially, always make sure you’re sticking with your friends and be conscious of your surroundings.”

Anyone with any information regarding the Oct. 5 incident is strongly encouraged to call the sheriff’s anonymous tip line at 681-4171.