Perhaps everyone is wrong and, in fact, it is possible to perpetually live the idealistic life of an adolescent well into your adult life. Entrance into the outside world of Christmas theme ties and neatly punched timecards does seem almost otherworldly when glancing at the tanned and toned playground of Isla Vista. Yet if one were to ask UCSB film studies alumni Greg Schell, he would say, “You can keep being that kid if you can figure out a way to do it.” With Saturday night’s screening of his first feature-length surfing documentary, “The Far Shore,” at I.V. Theater, it appears as though Schell might well be a dreamer with real-world prospects.

“I think people are actually like, ‘So, Greg, when are you going to grow up?'” Schell said. “So far, with surfing [and] filmmaking, I definitely feel like I’ve had a suspended adolescence. At the same time, I’ve got my whole life to grow up, so I’m not really pushing it.”

This lackadaisical attitude is nothing alien to those who bike daily along the same salty-aired paths Schell traversed back in the early ’90s while attending UCSB. Having graduated in 1992, Schell vividly remembers when, “10 years ago, I was a film studies major and saw a surf movie in I.V. Theater; a movie by a guy named Bill Delaney, who was a popular surf filmmaker at the time,” said Schell. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this would be great. I hope, someday, I could make a surf movie.’ So 10 years later, here I am, showing [my film] in the same theater.”

Post-graduation, Schell found himself weathering the fog-blanketed, El Ni