Tonight’s Isla Vista town hall meeting has on its agenda a discussion on the placement of a proposed public restroom to alleviate problems of public urination and defecation.

Third District Supervisor Gail Marshall is hosting a town hall meeting in the University Religious Center’s multipurpose room between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. to gain input from the community regarding a proposed restroom in I.V. Marshall, in conjunction with the County Parks Dept., is in the process of drafting a grant application for a public restroom in an I.V. park.

“I hope to hear from the public where they feel the best location could be and which park makes the most sense from both beach access and local parks needs,” Marshall said.

The restroom proposal is in response to the public urination and defecation problem in I.V. An ordinance was drafted over the summer to lessen the fine for public urination and defecation. Because the previous fine was so high, I.V. Foot Patrol officers were reluctant to issue the citation. However, the new ordinance has allowed officers to issue tickets more liberally.

After Marshall gets feedback from the community, the Parks Dept. will finalize its proposal – including where the proposed restroom will be located. The grant application will then be presented to the Board of Supervisors. Marshall anticipates a final decision by mid-November.

The University Religious Center is located at 777 Camino Pescadero.