Officers cited eight people at a police checkpoint for drunk or drugged drivers on Saturday evening.

The UCSB Police Dept. and California Highway Patrol set up the Driving Under the Influence checkpoint on El Colegio Road between Stadium Road and Ocean Road from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Out of the 360 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint, 13 were further investigated at the site, resulting in five DUI arrests, two marijuana offenses and one arrest for public intoxication.

Two of the DUIs were issued to minors, two were issued to people between the ages of 18 and 21 and the age of the fifth DUI recipient was unavailable. UCSB Police Dept. Captain Michael Foster said that as cars pass through the checkpoint, officers ask any possibly intoxicated person to complete a series of sobriety tests. If the subject fails the tests and is found to be under the influence, the officer arrests the subject and administers a Breathalyzer test to determine his or her blood alcohol level.

Capt. Foster said the public intoxication arrest was made in conjunction with one DUI arrest.

“The [suspect] was a passenger in the car of one of the drivers who was arrested for driving under the influence,” Foster said. “The passenger appeared to be very intoxicated.”

The university police, along with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office, conducted the last DUI checkpoint in the Isla Vista/UCSB area about a month ago.

“We do these checkpoints whenever we can, depending on staffing availability and the need for a checkpoint,” Foster said. “We are going to try and do at least two to three more [checkpoints] during the academic year.”

According to Foster, this particular checkpoint yielded an average number of arrests in comparison to past DUI checkpoints in this area.