Editor’s Note: On Oct. 2, in a cutline for a photo attached to “Students, Crime Return to I.V.,” it was reported that a party at 6613 Del Playa Drive was sponsored by Budweiser. The party was sponsored by International Market.

The Nexus regrets this error.

With school in session, the calm summer in the Isla Vista Foot Patrol office has come to an end, and deputies are on the run to prevent crime.

There was a slight increase in arrests and citations this last weekend in comparison to last year’s first weekend back at school. The IVFP made a total of 32 drunk in public arrests and issued 88 minor in possession citations and 39 open container citations. However, IVFP Lt. Thomas McKinny said that besides the arrests and citations that are common to big weekends in I.V., there were no major problems.

“There were no sexual assaults reported this past weekend,” McKinny said. “There was one incident that took place on the 6700 block of Trigo [Rd.] where a young man was shot with a pellet gun in the eyebrow. The incident is currently under investigation.”

Two new ordinances have recently been put into effect and had an impact on last weekend’s crime report. The first is the new Urination and Defecation in Public Ordinance, which formerly constituted a fine so large that deputies issued it sparingly. The new ordinance consists of a lesser fine to encourage deputies not to restrain from citing people they see urinating in public. Six of these citations were issued last weekend.

The second ordinance is the Isla Vista Community Safety Ordinance, which aims to limit the number of out of control parties in I.V., McKinny said. This new ordinance allows deputies to enter a party where alcohol is visible from the street and resulted in many confiscated kegs over the weekend.

“We shut down parties that have gotten out of hand, have people pouring into the streets or, if nobody at the party claims to be or is 21 years of age, legally there can’t be alcohol there,” McKinny said. “We’re not looking to shut down all parties, but to ensure everyone’s safety.”

If the stickers are still attached to confiscated kegs, the IVFP returns the keg shells to the businesses they were purchased from within a few days. However, the purchasers of the kegs do not get their deposits back for the keg shells.

The noise ordinance requires music and noise levels to be kept to a minimum after midnight on the weekend and past 10 p.m. on weekdays. IVFP officers issued 15 tickets for violation of this ordinance; each one carries a $108 fine. The two incidents classified as couch/dumpster fires that occurred last weekend did not result in any arrests or injuries.

The one vandalism arrest was of a 21-year-old male arrested for drunk in public. While in the transport vehicle, the suspect kicked the van door several times causing enough damage to jam the door.