Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing in response to the article concerning Chancellor Yang (Reader’s Voice, “Chancellor Yang Should Give a Dang About All UCSB Students,” Daily Nexus, May 23). Mats Olson clearly underestimates and disrespects the role that Chancellor Yang plays at our university. Beyond dealing with the students, he must also deal with the faculty, campus employees and the public, as well as the other UCs and universities. In addition to this, he finds time to teach in the Mechanical and Environmental Engineering Dept. However, Yang still remains accessible for all students.

On Tuesday, May 21, Chancellor and Mrs. Yang held a reception at their residence in recognition of departing EAP participants and reciprocal exchange students. During this time, they made sure to introduce themselves to each student and were genuinely interested as to what country each one of us was departing to. Obviously interested in the fact that I was headed to China for the next 13 months, they both tested my Chinese and wished me a happy journey. As the weather got quite cold during the reception, Mrs. Yang went into her house and gathered her coats to distribute to students in an effort to make sure that everyone was warm and comfortable. Upon leaving, I felt honored that they took the time to congratulate us on acceptance into the program and wished us luck in our travel and education abroad.

Olson portrays Chancellor Yang as a tyrant placed at the head of our school ignoring student voice and not making the effort “to come down from [his] ivory towers and talk to the people who [he is] making decisions for.” I find quite the opposite. Chancellor Yang is very accessible and is more than willing to hear everyone’s voice. Take the time out of your day to drop him an e-mail instead of writing complaints to the Nexus.

Next time you’re out wandering I.V. on the weekend, keep your eyes open because Chancellor Yang even treks to DP to understand the whole picture of what makes a UC Santa Barbara student.

Keep up the good work.