Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to Chris Hubbard’s column about the Associated Students’ annual budget (“A.S. It Is: Nasty Tactics Give A.S. the Tough Lovin’ It Sorely Needs,” Daily Nexus, May 7), a correction regarding KCSB-FM’s financial relationship to A.S. is in order. The funding KCSB receives from Associated Students is in the form of a lock-in, which is voted on by the students every two years. This lock-in, and the money we raise during our annual fundraising membership drive, makes up the vast majority of KCSB’s operating budget – and covers the purchase and maintenance of our equipment. The technical support that KCSB does receive from Associated Students is based on a good working relationship with their computer network technician, and not as direct financial support from Associated Students. The money that Legislative Council set aside for Associated Students “so that Program Board and KCSB will have working equipment,” according to Hubbard, is in fact not used in any way by KCSB to maintain or purchase equipment. We at KCSB hope that this clears up any misconceptions.