Editor, Daily Nexus,

I think that the Daily Nexus’ coverage of club sports is pathetic. Everyday readers look at the sports page and are constantly reminded of how much our NCAA Division I Teams suck ass. Every other day there is news of how we got killed by opposing schools. Personally, I don’t even read your articles regarding those teams anymore because I already know what the results are.

Why don’t you try focusing on club sports instead?

These teams are the ones who are bringing home championships and winning meets/events. I personally row for UCSB on the men’s novice team. How’s this for a headline: “This Past Weekend (May 4-5) the Novice Team Won the WIRA Championships.” We went from not having a coach in the beginning of the year, to only getting one this past January. Since then we have all been working hard to do well. Practice has paid off and we won our league championship outright. This is a major accomplishment considering the team is made up of students who have mostly never rowed in their life. It is not just the men’s novice team that has accomplished success. Both the lightweight men’s and women’s varsity teams also won WIRA championships.

The competition you may think is a lot weaker and not to par with the NCAA Div. I schools. But let me remind you, UCSB crew raced and won against big league schools such as CAL, UC Davis, Santa Clara, UCSD, University of San Diego, Long Beach State, Loyola Marymount, and Gonzaga University. I feel as if the university and the Nexus directly discriminate against club sports because they are not NCAA. Maybe all of you should open your eyes and recognize athletes who are winning championships, instead of focusing on the same boring losing teams we are getting used to. Big things are happening with club sports (not just rowing) and I suggest that you pay more attention to all of us.