Editor, Daily Nexus,

So, the elections are over and everyone is celebrating. This is sad because there is not much that people should be celebrating unless you are happy that you have screwed yourselves as well as future generations at UCSB out of endless possibilities. But the barely 30% of UCSB that turned out to vote spoke and said that they want this university to continue to remain mediocre at best. For such a small amount of money, the payoffs could have been so great by making this university better, even after we leave. Now, our student government is going bankrupt, we still have to walk our bikes from Broida to all of the sciences buildings, and we have athletic facilities that are an embarrassment to the NCAA. Are you thinking right now, “Yes, job well done”?

A university’s character is based on the foundation of their athletic program. Those of you that think that a school is nationally recognized for anything else are quite naive because 90% of the population is not reading science journals every morning before work. My friends and family back in Colorado had no clue that our university produced four Nobel laureates, but knew immediately when our basketball teams made it to the tournament. But the students have spoken and 52% of you clearly want your fellow students to continue injuring themselves on our horribly maintained fields and 52% of you do not want our athletics to ever get any better by providing them with sufficient athletic facilities. But you have saved a whopping $40 a quarter, which is the amount you blow in one night downtown.