Berkeley Enacts Alcohol Moratorium for Greeks
The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley
April 24, 2002

The UC Berkeley administration recently decided that the school’s fraternities and sororities will not be allowed to have alcohol at parties in chapter houses at least until the end of Spring Semester.

Dean of Students Karen Kenney sent a memorandum to leaders of the Greek community April 23 informing them of the moratorium, which was put in place because of “perennial” violations of state and federal laws and university policy.

“Every party this semester has been in violation of some policy or law,” Kenney said. “The problems are too multilayered and systemic. It is going to require a whole look at their self-governance and re-examining their procedures.”

A serious injury sustained at a Greek party on the weekend before the moratorium was partially responsible for the administration’s decision, Interfraternity Council President Greg Smith said. This semester there have also been unsanctioned types of alcohol, alcohol-related fights and fire-code infractions at parties.

The Berkeley Greek system’s Judicial Committee made penalties for policy violations stricter last semester, Smith said.

“The sanctions have been tougher because these problems arise time and time again,” Smith said. “The same chapters in violation have been sanctioned every semester.”

Students Face Suspension for Civil Disobedience
The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley
April 26, 2002

Forty-one students arrested during the April 9 siege of UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall might face up to a year of suspension. The students, as part of the Berkeley chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), stormed the hall and occupied it for four hours.

“The interruption of academic activities [is] a serious problem,” UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Berdahl said. “[SJP’s] occupation of Wheeler seriously compromised [students’] ability to take exams.”

This is the second time the group has seized Wheeler Hall. Last year, they occupied the building for several hours, in addition to using chains and padlocks to close approximately twelve of the building’s entrances.

Student Advocate Alex Kipnis, who will be representing the arrested students in the university’s cases against them, called their suspension “unjust and unprecedented.”

“There have been sit-ins and other forms of protest before, and the university never said anything about suspension,” Kipnis said.

SJP member Snehal Shingavi said the university had specifically targeted his group for punishment so that Palestinians would not have a voice on campus.

“It goes to the core of organizing and our ability to come together,” he said. “It goes to the core of silencing the students of Palestine.”

Rodents in the Mist
The Daily Bruin, UC Los Angeles

During this academic year, UCLA’s On Campus Housing has had at least 32 rodent sightings. These are recorded in pet-control logbooks at the front desk of each residence hall.

A Hedrick Hall resident wrote, “a rat was seen running up and down the stairs. Please place a trap!”

First-year math and economics major Eric Peterson said he saw a brown mouse run “from closet to closet” and under his refrigerator at the end of Winter Quarter.

“I’d be worried sleeping,” he said, “thinking that maybe it would bite me.”

-Compiled by Diana Ray