Editor’s Note:

These are letters to the editor and comments on our web page about campus elections that we didn’t publish.

The Daily Nexus just thought you should know about some of the shallow shits who are involved in campus politics. Call it a public service.

An asterisk denotes abridged comments. Don’t worry, though, all the typos are theirs.

They Say All Politics are Personal …*

Maggie Stack got the Gauchoholic nod for candidacy because she is sleeping with the A.S. president and co-founder of the Gauchoholic party, Brian Hampton. I see a major conflict of interest here. It is completely corrupt and is just the tip of the iceberg with the Gauchoholics. The fact of the matter is Maggie Stack is completely under-qualified for any sort of public office. … But now after sustaining a relationship with Hampton, (no easy task), she is running for president with his party’s full financial support. A party whose major financial support comes from the campus republicans. And Stack claims to be liberal. There is so much that is corrupt and contradictory about Stack, Hampton and the Gauchoholics that it is almost mind-boggling. What’s even more mind-boggling is that there is an intertwined web of corruption so complex in the Gauchoholic party that would make this scandal seems like child’s play.

-Theo Baker, who claims to have been Chris Hook’s campaign manager.

… And Boy Are They

I have also seen Maggie and Brian together on a number of occasions. But I have also seen Chris Hook alone with a variety of different men on occasion. I believe that Hampton and Stack might be an item. Which way Hook swings is still a tough call.

-John Q. (an anonymous coward)

The Red Menace of UCSB

To clarify what SAC means for those who arent on the AS track – S.tudents A.ttaining C.ommunism

-your worst fear truth (an anonymous coward)

Hitler Hits the Lecture Circuit*

The Gauchoholics were begun last year, once the College Republicans released that they probably could not win elected office advertising themselves as wanting to bring fascists to speak on campus, or by advancing a pro-landlord agenda.

-Gloria Sanchez, an El Congreso member.

Bad Loser*

Congrats to sac. Also congrats to its bed buddy the daily nexus. See i was sort of confused from all the Poli Sci classes I’ve taken, I thought the purpose of the press was to report the news, not to abuse its powers. I thought that it was a great idea that the Nexus did not allow any opinion pieces during the election days. Leave it to the Nexus to print thier piece on the FRONT page during the election bashing the Gauchoholics. … I just hope that during next years election, when we all shall see that “[SAC] already got 6 out of the 10 platform things accomplished, way to go! Oh wait, thats because they didnt actually have any concrete goals.” That the Nexus “sacks” up and unfairly uses thier power of the press, during an election, to slam a political party. … Yet, that would take time to research, and I know how hard it is for journalists to do.

-Randy Wright, a Gauchoholic candidate for off-campus representative. He got 2.8 percent of the vote and lost.

Bad Winner

Complain all you want.

The only opinion that matters is the electorate’s.

And they’ve spoken loud and clear.

-Anthony Flores, a S.A.C. candidate for off-campus rep. He got 4.7 percent of the vote and won.

It’s All About Sportsmanship*

Way to go Nexus. Keep it up. Print the negative. Keep people bitter. Pass the buck. You all will be great bureaucrats some day. Keep everyone angry to justify your significance.

I didn’t want to write. But then you print the prophecies of The Czar of Bitter, Duke of Hate the Mainstream, Tom Beers. My opinion, Tom Beers is not out for UCSB student betterment. Tom Beers needs to share his frustration with his own life with all of us. Tom, see a counselor.

– Joe O’Brien, men’s water polo coach.