Editor, Daily Nexus,

Almost daily I zoom straight to the opinion column to see what neat article students have come up with. Anyhow, after many weeks of doing this, I’m starting to notice quite a trend in letters to the editor.

It seems to me that every day a new person is bitching about either the April Fools issue or Sarah Kent’s sex column. I know I don’t find many things offensive, but it seems as though many of the things written in the Nexus are for comedy and people don’t quite understand that. Ms. Kent has written at one point that when you break up with a significant other, you should put a laxative in their carton of milk. Now, as funny as this would be, I don’t think Ms. Kent was saying, “Hey all you fuckers out there, go and do bad things to your exes.” I think it was more of, let’s find something funny to say about shitty situations. Being that most readers of the Nexus have some kind of education, I would think that it would be safe for her to make comedic gestures without fear of people taking her literally. Is there a general fear that all the toilets in Isla Vista will suddenly be clogged due to laxative abuse? I doubt it – take it with a grain of salt and learn to see when things are humorous. Then again, Ms. Kent just informed everyone about the “Jackhammer Jesus” – I can’t wait to see how many students bitch about that.