As the current Associated Students president, I have the greatest understanding of what the duties and demands of the position entail.

Of the four presidential candidates, only two have the qualifications and experience needed to be the leader of Associated Students. Maggie Stack and Paul Riley have been consistently involved in the improvement of our campus and local community and are involved in many organizations. The other two candidates list groups that they have associated with, but show nothing they have actually accomplished with those groups. Stack and Riley have each taken the time to speak with me about the requirements and opportunities of the position and will be prepared to start working immediately if they are elected.

The presidential debates provided further proof that Stack and Riley stand above the competition. Candidate Chris Hook failed – again – to show up for the debate, proving that he is irresponsible and unorganized. For the three candidates that did have something to say on their behalf, there were a few noticeable answers that separated the platforms and abilities of the candidates from each other. When asked to define diversity, Chrystine Lawson of SAC dodged the question by talking about how it was important and named off a couple of groups she is associated with. The diversity of the SAC ticket is much like my toes. A couple are a little bigger, a couple are a little smaller, one of them is kind of funny looking, but they all are headed in the same direction.

After Riley pointed out that Lawson failed to answer the actual question, Stack pointed out the diversity of backgrounds, opinions, ethnicities and ideas that are included in the Gauchoholic party. A theme has been apparent throughout the campaign: SAC is loud but has no tangible goals, Riley takes time to discuss issues in depth, Hook occasionally shows up and Stack makes use of her accomplishments, connections and current involvement to work on ideas for the future.

My view of the election process is that some people choose to be loud and repetitive, others try to bash their opponents and a select few bother to have goals and work hard. I would like to commend the Gauchoholics and Campus Engagement Group on their efforts thus far in the election season.

As the current president looking out for the best interests of our campus I encourage you to join me in voting for Maggie Stack to be the next Associated Students president, and to support Paul Riley with your second choice vote. Only by placing competent people in charge can we expect to see results from our elected officers.

Brian Hampton is the outgoing A.S. president and the founder of the Gauchoholic party.