The Gauchoholics have made their plea to students through signs and other media that they are a nonpartisan political party whose ultimate goal is to represent “the average student.” Simply put, this platform is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

The Gauchoholics’ platform is riddled with oxymorons; it stands for nothing. How can the Gauchoholics be a nonpartisan political party? How can one be both nonpartisan and political? It can’t be done.

Perhaps the Gauchoholics are trying to say that they are an apolitical organization running for political office. This is also problematic. Why would any student elect somebody who is not political for a political office? It doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s face it, saying the Gauchoholics are nonpartisan is a joke. Granted, there are members running under the Gauchoholic party who are apolitical and are optimistically running on the claim that they can make a difference in a system they know nothing about. Their involvement in the campus community that they hope to lead is minimal and superficial at best. Are these the type of people that you want representing you?

The driving force behind the Gauchoholic party is self-interest. The Gauchoholics are decidedly partisan. At the helm of the party are two College Republicans (Jonathan Kalinski and April Dunlap) and environmentalist and self-proclaimed liberal Maggie Stack. The College Republicans are running under the Gauchoholics out of fear of their own unpopularity. In a predominately liberal school like ours it would be impossible for them to win under a right-wing ticket. So they’ve decided to wear the mask of the school spirit party and win that way.

This isn’t high school anymore. Our student government shouldn’t be working on pep rallies. But then, Dunlap and Kalinski – in particular Kalinski – have no intention of doing so. They are running to further destabilize the liberal institutions of A.S. and put the squeeze on the Women’s Commission, Environmental Affairs Board and the Student Commission for Racial Equality. Now why is Maggie Stack, environmentalist and liberal, running with Republicans? She’s doing it for the money.

Backed by local landlords and millionaires, not to mention the national GOP, the College Republicans can pony up the dough necessary to run a successful campaign. In office her power will be minimal and she will be completely indebted to her College Republican friends.

This is why I am asking you to vote for Student Action Coalition. Not only do we have a published platform that consists of more than just saggy signs, we also represent different segments of the community. We are a coalition – not a party. We represent all students on this campus and we want to represent you.

If elected, a S.A.C. government will not be one saddled down by backdoor agreements but an open, honest and effective government that will make UCSB a better place for all students.

Adam Kaiserman is an A.S. off-campus representative.