Techno and jungle beat freaks of SB, put your dancing shoes on. High-powered digital guru and L.A.-native Dave Aude is set to pound Velvet Jones tonight like a blood-soaked tom-tom. DJ and producer Aude works the diversity tip harder than an affirmative action agent, producing music for Madonna, DJ Keoki, Faith No More, Orgy, Barenaked Ladies and A Tribe Called Quest.

Needle Damage to DJ Dan fans, AudŽ talks influences and anti-drugs with Artsweek.

Artsweek: What were your initial inspirations for becoming a DJ/producer? Any specific artists or other styles of music?

Dave Aude: I love every kind of music. I’m very eclectic. My influences range from Vince Clark: Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure; to Jeff Lynne: ELO; to John “Mutt” Lange: Queen, The Cars and Shania Twain. I don’t have a category that I belong to, as I think categories are lame.

How would you describe your sound – what edge sets your style apart?

My sound is big songs that makes people go bananas. Any song that gets the girls on the dance floor. What sets me apart from everyone else is that I’m not afraid to play an old record and I’m not afraid to play a vocal.

Do you have any inside info on some of your upcoming projects?

The vocalist for Cirrus’ name is Laura Derby. She’s basically America’s answer to Bjork with a better voice, better songs! I’m producing her solo album and I can tell you it’s going to be fantastic. Check out the new Cirrus’ LP to get a taste of what to expect. And the new Charles Feelgood \single “Backstabber” is knocking ’em dead also.

When you’re behind the decks looking out at the crowd, what’s the one thing you wish you could see more of?

People getting into the music rather than the drugs, alcohol, women. Don’t get me wrong, have a good time, but I’m just trying to educate people who aren’t necessarily at the club to dance. What happened to the dancers?

The Velvet Jones is a smaller club compared to some of the massive venues you’ve performed at. What do you like most about playing smaller clubs?

The vibe. It’s more personal. I played for 8-10 thousand last weekend and it was cool, but the crowd was so far away. I like seeing the sweat on people’s faces; that look on their face like this is the best night of their life!

Where do you see yourself and dance music in 2012?

Crazy sounds that really get into your head. Technology is really exploding right now and it’s just giving me and other producers a million ways to get the listener excited and turned on! I’m sure I’ll be doing exactly what I’m doing today but with a lot less time for myself.

Have you ever been to Santa Barbara before, to play or visit? If so, what do you think?

State Street goes off. I haven’t been up in a few years and I hope they’re ready for what I’m bringing. Don’t wear those uncomfortable shoes and bring an extra shirt because you’ll be soaked!