When I think about the UC System, I realize there are systematic barriers that have affected equal access to higher education for all students. The UC Regents have authority over how we live and how we spend our fees. It is important that students come together to hold our Regents accountable, advocate for student fee autonomy, no tuition increases, accessible financial aid and a fair admissions process that would guarantee student equality across the UC System. The office of the external vice president for statewide affairs has done this for the past 15 years and has fought for these goals on a state and national level.

Of the three candidates running for this office, only one stands out in my mind as the candidate with passion, dedication and addiction to fighting for students’ rights on this campus and statewide. Isabel Millan is a sophomore women’s studies major and is running under the Student Action Coalition. She is currently involved in Women’s Commission, Queer Commission, El Congreso and Legislative Council. For the past two years Isabel has been actively involved with the Office of the External VP and has advocated for student rights on a state and national level. She has shown her dedication for all students by serving on Legislative Council and organizing for a safer and more equal student community on this campus. Isabel believes that taking action and attaining access is the only road to ensuring the power of the student voice. If elected she will bring the UC Students of Color Conference to this campus. She will also work with UCSA and USSA on improving access for disabled students to polling sites during elections, admissions reform to ensure a fair process and advocate for no tuition hikes and fight for domestic partnership in housing across the state. If elected Isabel will put 110 percent into pushing these issues on the forefront of this student movement.

I urge you all to vote for Isabel Millan to serve you on a state and national level. Vote Student Action Coalition on April 23 and 24, the only coalition of student organizations from all UCSB communities that have come together to run for office and share all viewpoints to the vision of student power.

Eneri Rodriguez is the outgoing external vice president for local affairs.