The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. has identified the three suspects arrested Monday morning on suspicion of stealing a truck from a Montecito residence and then burglarizing $18,000 worth of property from the same home.

Gordon Welterlen, 19, Nicole Gold, 18, and Travis Gordon, 18, are being held at Santa Barbara County Jail on $30,000 bail. Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. William Caldwell said the county district attorney’s office has charged all three suspects with receiving stolen property and residential burglary, and has additionally charged Welterlen with possession of stolen property.

“[Welterlen] was charged with possession of stolen property because he was the one seen driving [the truck],” Caldwell said.

The suspects were arrested Monday morning at Gordon and Gold’s residence on the 6500 block of Trigo Road. Caldwell said Welterlen told police he was “transient,” and had no address.

According to police, the truck, a silver 2002 Dodge Ram, was stolen on Saturday from a residence in Montecito. Caldwell said police believe Gold, Gordon and Welterlen then returned to the same home early Monday morning and burglarized the residence.

“[The Sheriff’s Dept.] recovered $18,000 worth of stolen property in addition to the vehicle,” Caldwell said.

At press time, none of the suspects had posted bail. Caldwell said the bail was set at $30,000 each, instead of the $10,000 it is usually set at for burglary, because of an “enhancement ” on the charge that was applied because the residents were home during the burglary.