Isla Vista Foot Patrol officers arrested three male burglary suspects early Monday morning outside their acquaintance’s residence on the 6500 block of Trigo Road.Officers arrested the men on suspicion of stealing a silver 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck from a Montecito residence two days ago and then returning Monday morning to burglarize the house, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. William Caldwell said.”Two nights ago a victim in Montecito had his brand new pickup truck stolen from outside his residence,” he said. “Early this morning somebody burglarized his downstairs residence and took a number of items such as a color TV, a laptop computer, a set of knives and a microwave oven.”An I.V. resident who works at the dealership where the truck was purchased recognized the vehicle, Caldwell said.”Someone who lived at the apartment complex recognized the truck and went in to work and told the dealership where the truck was. The dealership called the victim and told him they knew where his truck was. He then went to verify that it was indeed his truck, then he got the I.V. Foot Patrol deputies to go to the door,” Caldwell said.I.V. Foot Patrol deputies recovered several of the stolen items from the Trigo Rd. apartment yesterday morning when they went to arrest the suspects, Caldwell said.”We have identified at least a dozen or more items from the residence in Montecito,” Caldwell said.The residence belongs to an acquaintance of the suspects who apparently is not related to the crimes, Caldwell said.One of the suspects arrested today is also a suspect in a hit and run accident that occurred last week on Gibraltar Road, in which a BMW was hit by a stolen truck, Caldwell said.