A UC San Diego student was arrested Saturday morning, and accused of stabbing women with a syringe and injecting them with a tranquilizer in three separate attacks, including two in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. Lt. Bill Byrne said Peter Butcher, a 21-year-old from Santa Barbara, stabbed an Isla Vista resident while she was jogging on the beach in front of Sandpiper Golf Course on Friday. A man walking on the beach found the girl three hours later.

Using information from two similar cases, sheriffs got a probable cause warrant, tracked down Butcher and arrested him in his student home in San Diego, Byrne said.

Both prior cases occurred in January. In the first, a man matching Butcher’s description attacked a French tourist in Santa Barbara city.

In the second, a man knocked down a girl skiing at Mammoth Mountain and held her down, then removed a syringe and injected her with a tranquilizer. The method of attack again matched Friday’s.

The girl was placed on a ventilator in the hospital and recovered consciousness four to five hours later.

Butcher, a member of the UCSD club ski and snowboard team, was in Mammoth for a competition that day, where he placed sixth in the snowboarding giant slalom.

Butcher was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and booked into San Diego County Jail on $250,000 bail. The Sheriff’s Dept. is looking for similar cases inside and outside the state and requested that anyone with information contact them at 681-4100.