Editor, Daily Nexus,

Thank you for writing the editorial regarding the UC Education Abroad Program in Israel. As I sit here in my Jerusalem dorm room, overlooking the Old City, I can only express seething anger at the University that has made my life miserable for the past two days. The picture accompanying the editorial says it all: UC is trying to be a parental unit. In fact, these are the exact words that my suitemate from UCLA used today while arguing his point with the UC administration in Jerusalem.

When I came here last summer, I knew what I was getting myself into. Nothing has changed in terms of personal safety issues. Even though I could stay here without the support of UC, it has made it nearly impossible to do so. If I choose to remain in Israel, for any reason, beyond April 11, UC will take away my financial aid, health insurance and easy transfer of credit. Moreover, because this has garnered international attention (yes, even CNN International picked up the story) nearly every person I am close to will disown me if I stay. The physical stress I can take. However, it is this emotional stress that has pushed me over the edge. I am returning home next week – pissed off, dejected and unforgiving. UC has turned the rest of my academic year into a meaningless pile of crap, the exact opposite of its intended purpose.