Editor, Daily Nexus,

As the director of Mass Mic, a free speech organization, I spend my days making sure that everyone gets a chance to speak freely. As the parent of a student at UCSB, I spend my days making sure my daughter is happy and safe.

Sure you can publish on April 1, whatever you wish to say is your right and I shall defend that right.

However, as a parent, even one with a pretty weird sense of humor, I think “Young Voices: Who I Did on Spring Break ’02” (Daily Nexus, April 1) is not funny. In fact it could be construed as dangerous. Your school, as so many others, has a real problem with sexual attacks on women. Hopefully most of your readers have seen “Animal House” and will recognize the medium you are striving to emulate. Unfortunately, some people haven’t seen the movie and will simply see your piece as another chance to take lightly a very serious and deadly problem. Next time if you can’t write good satire don’t write anything at all. You do more harm than good.

Shame on you for making my job as a parent and a free speech advocate that much harder.