Editor’s Note: This story is from the April Fool’s issue of the Daily Nexus.

Matt, John, Jose, Paul, Jeff … to name a few that I remember. This Spring Break was packed with stuff to do.

As a senior at Santa Barbara High School, my mom finally let me go to Mexico for Spring Break. I went to Cabo San Lucas for five fun-filled days with my girlfriends, and my eyes really opened to how much bigger the world is than Santa Barbara. Here we can’t even get into Zelo’s – down there they were begging us to come into the clubs!

I met tons of boys, ate great food, and was introduced to the wonders of margaritas and daiquiris (I’m never drinking beer again). The best were the Kamikaze shots, though – they taste great and can’t have that many calories, they’re so small.

Everything was so cool. The boys were so much nicer than the boys at my high school, and bought me drinks everywhere I went. I’m also really excited because I not only kissed 10 boys in five days, I lost my virginity like four times. I think it’s a good thing they sell contraceptives over the counter there.

I don’t know his last name, but Matt, who said he was a “super senior” (whatever that means) at San Diego State, was the lucky boy. He was such a gentleman. He would hold my shirt when I was dancing on the pole, and even get me drinks while he held my shirt. He said I should be a stripper. After Cabo, I’m considering it.