Editor, Daily Nexus,

I abhor discrimination and bigotry in any form, and regret that Miss Curiel’s and Miss Martinez’s experiences here at UCSB and Santa Barbara have not been very pleasant for them (“Funny, We Didn’t Order AppeThai’s Discrimination Platter,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 26). Their experience at AppeThai sounds like a frustrating one as well.

However, I have been eating at AppeThai for many years and have observed people of all races and both sexes enjoying themselves, receiving the same level of service, and being seated in the same areas throughout the restaurant. I would be truly shocked to discover that Sonny or Judy or any of their staff had deliberately discriminated against any customer on the basis of race or gender. I suspect, and sincerely believe, that Miss Curiel and Miss Martinez ran into a very bad night service-wise, compounded by a poor explanation caused by defensiveness when that poor service was pointed out.

I suggest that rushing into a boycott based on a single observation and with no further investigation, as Chantelle Woods suggests, is premature (“We Must Boycott AppeThai To Protest Its Discrimination,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 28). Unless, and until, a pattern of discrimination is established, I’d hope that we’d all give the folks at AppeThai the benefit of the doubt.