Editor, Daily Nexus,

Sarah Kent’s column in general is almost a cute attempt at being UCSB’s own Carrie Bradshaw, but not quite. In response to Wednesday’s column (Daily Nexus, Feb. 20, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Cheating on Him or Her”), I hope that she has simply been watching too many 90210 reruns and isn’t serious. Her tips on how to cheat on your significant other were ridiculous. How noble of her to investigate ways on how to prevent your boyfriend/girlfriend from discovering the “cheatee” along with your own infidelity. From creating a good alibi to discarding any evidence of cheating, she seems to present that being unfaithful is undisputedly excusable, which I think most would disagree with. The idea of a relationship is that you do not want to be with anyone else except the person you are with. If you don’t want to be tied down, then break up with your partner. No one is holding a gun to your head to be in a relationship, so be single and play the field; more power to you.

So, little Miss Sarah, if you have or would cheat on your unsuspecting boyfriend, just remember: What goes around comes around. And when someone does cheat on you, I would love to hear about it, but don’t expect to get any sympathy from me. And no, I don’t currently have a boyfriend, but if I did, you better believe I wouldn’t cheat on him.