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The tree, the makeshift memorials that filled Sabado Tarde Road, the vigils, the rock, the phones ringing off the hook that night. For one week, the community was one.

There was criticism by reporters who jumped to the conclusion that it was a drunk driver before we even knew the names of those involved, or what had happened. There were stories and comments asking what was wrong with the “kids” of Isla Vista. And to them, our answer: the incredible sight of 5,000 “kids” standing in silence and solidarity in Storke Plaza.

The effects of the tragedy reached much farther than just the UCSB campus and Isla Vista. In the weeks following Feb. 23, letters, comments and condolences flooded in from all over the state, the country and the world. They were from friends and family of Elie, Ruth, Albert, Chris and Nick, from parents of UCSB and City College students, from UCSB alumni, from UCSB students abroad, and from people who just wanted to offer their thoughts and prayers.

One year later, we remember the victims and the strength of those who survive them.