Should you sign a petition to recall Supervisor Gail Marshall? First, I have some serious questions for serious students who live in Isla Vista.

Do you like to go to the beach? The environmental lobby supports (gives money to) Ms. Marshall so she will help them close the beach for the snowy plover and other critters. She also supports the Gaviota National Seashore, which will make most of the beaches in our county “off limits” to humans. She participated in an effort to put all of the seacoast into three supervisory districts so the environmental lobby could control the terrible humans who want to “destroy the environment” with their surfboards, fishing poles and beer coolers.

Do you like paying hundreds of dollars a month to live in a closet or sleep on the floor with 15 other people? Ms. Marshall has done nothing to improve the student housing conditions in I.V. In fact, she has opposed most housing developments on the south coast and has taken zero action to enforce zoning codes so that students have a decent place to live and slum lords are required to maintain their property.

Do you like being a sheep? For decades politicians like Ms. Marshall have stolen your votes and promised students the moon. Four years later there are new students, more promises and more stolen votes. Your vote should be worth more than a kegger rally. Look around: Isla Vista is what it is because the 3rd District Supervisor ignores it after each election.

So, should you sign a petition to retire Ms. Marshall from the political scene? Maybe her replacement will start fixing all the problems in I.V., not just steal your votes.

Ron Fink is a Lompoc resident.