Editor, Daily Nexus,

Is there a leash law on-campus or does UCSB subscribe to the idiotic, hippie-brained idea that dogs should be allowed to roam free?

The other day, sitting in the HSSB courtyard, I observed a rather large (unleashed) dog growling at another (leashed) dog and menacingly advancing toward it. I yelled at the dog, “Bad! Bad dog!” which arrested its progress and resulted in the menacing dog’s caretaker emerging from a classroom while mumbling “It’s my girlfriend’s dog.” Mr. Sub-genius then brought the unleashed dog back to the door of the classroom and left it there so Mr. Sub-genius could return to class. Of course, the dog immediately got up and advanced toward the leashed dog. I again intervened.

Unleashed dogs on-campus should be rounded up and sent to the pound – even though it’s their brain-dead owners who actually should be locked up for fraudulent misrepresentation. They are morons attempting to pass themselves off as university students. The Agricultural Code allows farmers to shoot stray dogs that threaten people or animals. Unfortunately, the Code doesn’t allow farmers to shoot irresponsible pet owners. Sadly, there’s no lifeguard watching over the gene pool.

To animal-free-will hippie loser types: pull your head out of your ass. Buy a leash and a book on dog training.