Vue rhythm guitarist Jonah Buffa’s least favorite review was the one that labeled his band “retro.”

“I listen to a lot of traditional music,” he said. “I guess you could even call the Rolling Stones ‘traditional,’ or you could call Lonnie Johnson or something like that traditional, too. That’s a lot of what I listen to, but it’s not really representative of everyone in the band.”

Nonetheless, the chops Vue put on display Dec. 15 at Velvet Jones were, if not retro, then at least an homage to the past. Singer/guitarist Rex Shelverton overlaid a decidedly Daltreyan fashion sense on a Johnny Thunders frame, displaying the double-jointed-and-epileptic stage moves that have become synonymous with post-hardcore frontmen. Buffa himself punched out classic Pete Townsend riffs with a sloppy abandon, breaking occasionally to rock the harmonica.

Play me one radio hit in the last 10 years that boasted some mean ‘monica, and I’ll ask you to kindly turn off Tom fucking Petty.

“I just picked [the harmonica] up,” Buffa said. “I just bring it around in the BART station and hang out by the train. It sounds clich