The College Republicans have been allocated $1,250 for a lecture last November, after Associated Students Legislative Council and A.S. Finance Board debated the issue over the past two weeks.

Wednesday night, Leg Council decided to give the money to the College Republicans, overriding a decision made by Finance Board to not allow the reimbursement.

Both Finance Board and Leg Council approved the money for a lecture given by political commentator Ann Coulter, sponsored by College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation, early in Fall Quarter. However, the requisition needed to finalize the allocation was not turned in until Nov. 29, almost a month after Coulter’s Nov. 1 lecture, causing some members of A.S. to consider this a retroactive reimbursement, which is against current Finance Board by-laws.

Representative-at-Large Manuel Silva questioned Finance Board’s original decision to allow the reimbursement at last week’s Leg Council meeting. After a long debate, Leg Council decided to send the matter back to Finance Board, which decided to overturn its decision and not allow the reimbursement.

Leg Council voted 21-3 to overturn Finance Board’s decision.