The people at Nude Recordings have put together a compilation that made me wet my bed. Last night I dreamt I was stranded on a deserted island, making love to my dream girl. It was Sunday, and I was naked – getting high, tokin’ lotion, walking around, slapping detectives.

While not my best dream ever, I realize that without listening to Sundays, Volume 1, my subconscious would not have had such inspiration. While dubbed, “The first in a compilation series of the finest downtempo,” four artists splitting up 12 songs hardly encapsulates this. Yet there are a couple of very notable musicians on this album.

E.D. Swankz and Telefuzz make the album purchasable, not only by collectively occupying half of it, but also by expressing intelligently chill beats. Swankz’s tracks are the most powerful, including the serene lovemaking cut, “Daytime Dramamime” (sic), as well as the more curious “Slapping the Detectives.” Telefuzz takes a close second to Swankz in terms of overall affability, with the Thievery Corporation-sounding “Sideshot Jazzwalk,” and perhaps one of the strongest, most optimistic cuts on the album, “Slow Lotion Tokin’.”

Other featured artists Gavin Froome and The Verbrilli Sound, don’t come near Swankz and Telefuzz, but instead sound more like music from women’s shampoo commercials. Jaffa, remixing an already weak Froome track, and Hidden Agenda, remixing a less-amusing Swankz cut, yield two songs that don’t fit the style of this album at all.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean my sheets.